Four Things You Should Know About Builder Warranties

blog_warrantiesBuying A Brand New Home Or Commercial Building: Four Things You Should Know About Builder Warranties.

When buying a newly constructed home, you’ll likely hone in on price, location, floor plan, neighborhood, and other salient characteristics of the home. You’ll compare this neighborhood to that, this style to that, and of course you’ll want to know that the home was built with quality in mind. Similarly, if you’re building your new home, you’re wrapped up in the plethora of unending decisions like wall placement, whether outlets should be installed horizontally or vertically, door style, cabinet design–the list goes on and on. Unless building homes or purchasing real estate is old hat for you (or you just happen to be the worrying sort), thinking ahead to potential structural deficiencies or flaws that aren’t readily apparent might not be a priority for you. The house will be new, after all! Mistakes do happen in construction, however, and Montana law requires the seller or general contractor of a newly built home to provide, at minimum, a one-year warranty. Warranties typically cover workmanship and materials for that minimum year term, and major structural defects will likely be covered for a longer period of time, sometimes 7 to 10 years.

Four things you should know:

1- New build warranties are required by Montana law. Request a copy of the warranty in advance. Understand the terms stipulated within the warranty, and negotiate if necessary.

2- Know your coverage. New build warranties typically cover workmanship, materials, and major structural defects. Warranties likely will not cover the potential costs incurred if you need to vacate your home during repair.

3- Sign your warranty with your seller or general contractor. If you’re buying a newly built home, both you and the seller should sign the warranty upon purchase. If you’re contracting out the build for your new home, you and your general contractor should sign your warranty before construction commences.

4- New commercial builds do not require a warranty by Montana law. In the commercial realm, because new build warranties are not required by Montana law, it’s a good idea to do your due diligence. Enlist a lawyer to draw up a warranty agreement. Your builder or seller will be happy to sign such an agreement if they can stand behind their work.


It’s always a good idea to hire a competent construction team, and it’s great to purchase a well-built home. And still yet, it’s imperative to have an agreement that stipulates who’s responsible for what in the event of unexpected defects or need for repair within a certain time frame. Establishing these expectations up front protects you as the buyer and reassures you that you’re making a good purchase. Confident and competent builders and sellers earnestly guarantee the quality of their work.


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Big Sky Sotheby’s Welcomes Callie Pecunies to the Team


Big Sky Sotheby’s International Realty is excited to welcome Callie Pecunies to their real estate sales team. Callie is a Broker with ten years’ resort real estate experience and will assume a full time role within the main office in Town Center.

Callie is a recent arrival to the Big Sky area, but has spent half of her life working within the ski resort industry, the last decade of which was selling resort real estate at one of the largest eastern ski resorts. Since 1996, Callie worked at Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine, a company operated by Boyne Resorts, the company that owns Big Sky Resort.

In her lengthy tenure at Sunday River, where she managed the Human Resources department, presided over marketing events and national ski and snowboard competitions, hosted a live TV show on the resort’s Outside Television station, and sold real estate for Sunday River Real Estate, she gained the skills that made her a powerhouse broker at the resort with a fiercely loyal client base. Those are the skills she is looking forward to putting into action at Big Sky Sotheby’s International Realty.

Callie’s extensive experience has given her a realistic perspective of what it takes to be successful. “An effective resort real estate broker needs to be familiar with not only the properties they are selling, but how to determine his or her Buyer client’s priorities so they are delighted with their home. There are so many things for Buyers to consider – whether or not to be slopeside, be in a condo or a home, be on the Mountain or in the Meadow – it’s different for everyone depending on their planned use for the property.” The same experience that makes her popular with Buyers, also allows her to assist her Seller clients to effectively prepare and market their property for sale.

Her move to Big Sky, with her husband, Dave, and their two sons, was prompted by their sense of adventure, but also their desire for better education opportunities for their kids. “Maine is a beautiful place to live, but we wanted a better school for the boys, while maintaining the same active life we enjoyed back east.” They enjoy mountain biking, hiking, telemark and alpine skiing, and camping in their free time.

In addition to being a Broker at Sotheby’s International Realty, Callie and her husband are also sole proprietors of Dave Pecunies Media, a full-service photography and video production company. Callie is an active volunteer at Ophir Elementary School, and looks forward to engaging in other volunteer community activities in Big Sky.

Callie lives in Big Sky, Montana, with her husband, two sons, and their two dogs.